Uber Popups - A Simple WordPress Popup Plugin

Uber Popups - A Simple WordPress Popup Plugin

Posted by Akshy Anbu on 25 May, 2019 in wordpress

For a while, there’s been this question among the WordPress Users & E-commerce Store Owners, “After all I’ve Seen and Heard, Should I Use Popups on my Website?” Popups over the period of time have been both, “Boon & Bane” for the visitors as well as the site owners!

For some businesses, popups have been the magic wand which has helped skyrocket conversions whereas for some it has been nothing but pure catastrophe!

And if you are not convinced, below are a few stats that would reinforce the above statement:

  • Visual Website Optimizer, an A/B Testing and Conversion Optimization Platform was able to increase signups by 50% adding a popup form to their website.
  • Entrepreneur.com was able to increase its sales by 162% and subscriptions by 86% using popups.

On the other hand,

  • An approximate 70% of Americans say they get frustrated on seeing popups on websites.
  • eBay alone has 1500+ threads solely dedicated to annoying popups.

So, where does this all converge?

What is it that makes popups so annoying that visitors never return back to your site?

And the most important question of all, what is UberPopups and what makes it special from all other WordPress popup plugins?

A recent survey conducted brought out to light that people find popups attractive and less annoying if they meet the following traits:

  • Popups should be fun and attractive
  • Popups should give a personalized touch
  • And, Popups should be able to cast thunder when one sees it (This should summarize everything!)

And that’s the point where UberPopups made its way to the world of WordPress Popup Plugins!

UberPopups - A Simple Free WordPress Popup Plugin

UberPopups, a WordPress Popup Plugin has been the result of extensive thinking as to how a popup could be more different and fun!

The result is the option allowing you to create Meme Popups in WordPress unlike the Normal Popups (yes, we mean it)! And if you still do not believe us, maybe you should see it for yourself!

Why UberPopups?

Here’s a stat, “The top 10% of highest performing popups were able to gain an average conversion rate of 9.28%”. The numbers might seem less convincing! But, what if your site has considerable traffic?

Just try doing the math, you’ll find it extremely rewarding!

And that’s where you’ll be, among the top 10% highest performing popups! Which also means you’ll have a higher conversion rate directly increasing your sales numbers (or whatever your goal is)!

The entire idea here is to create super popups that are less annoying, funnier and at the same time has all necessary features optimized for conversion which is exactly what UberPopups is!

What Makes UberPopups Special from All Other WordPress Popup Plugins?

Literally speaking, there’s plenty (Now, that’s not boasting, it’s just the fact being put out)!

So, below here is a list compiled with maximum effort that tries to power pack all the features of UberPopups:

  • Create Meme Popups on your own.
  • Choose from 100+ pre-designed powerful meme and normal popup templates.
  • Know what you are designing with the Live Preview Feature.
  • Design popups quickly and with absolute ease using UberPopups’s Visual Popup Builder.
  • Integrate with best in the industry Email Marketing tools like MailChimp. SendinBlue and more.,
  • Create fully responsive WordPress popups.
  • Choose from multiple re-targeting options.
  • Control popup display time.
  • Display popups to a specific group of audience.
  • Display popups to specific devices

What more could one ask for?

But still, check out the entire features of UberPopups here .,

How Does UberPopups Work?

It’s easy than most of the WordPress Popup Plugins!

You don’t have to be gnawing around this WordPress Popup Maker to create a simple responsive popup for your website! Things have been made easy for you!

  • You decide what your popup is about to be like (the idea, the audience, the everything).
  • Choose from pre-existing meme templates or normal templates (or you can upload one of your own)!
  • Let your creativity flow all around the popup maker and make sure you see them while designing (with the help of the live preview feature).
  • Tweak the popup display options (which are extremely custom) so that your popups are fine-tuned to drive conversions.


Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Sure it does!

A Quick Wind Up…

Wait, it seems that the most captivating chunk of UberPopups is being missed!

Unlike the other WordPress Popup Plugins which charge a premium subscription fee for their advanced features, UberPopups is completely free!

And the next best thing is, there’s no techie knowledge needed if you are about to create popups with UberPopups!

Yeah, that’s it! Let’s wind up for real this time!

Since you’re all the way through after knowing what UberPopups is and how influencing it could be to your site’s visitors, there’s no way you leave without giving a try!

Download UberPopups for free now and start doing some serious conversions for your business!
And feel free to contact us if you’ve any queries regarding our WordPress Popup Plugin!

Happy Day!

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